Tuesday, September 26, 2006


After installing Kubuntu Linux I was once again using xbindkeys and xvkbd to get those extra buttons in mouse working. There should be an easier way to do this, so I checked KHotkeys. I quickly noticed that there is lot of things you can do in KHotkeys but not assign extra mouse button to events. So back to the xbindkeys and xvkbd. They work great, but are propably too complicated for novice users to configure.

While playing with KHotkeys I found the GUI to be a bit messy. So I designed new GUI for KHotkeys...


Blogger Gideon Humphrey said...

That is beautiful. I have no conception of what it takes to get changes incorporated into KDE, but I for one would certainly be grateful if that was included.

Personally, my big annoyance with KHotkeys is that it won't allow me to use say "hold right mouse button + scroll wheel up" as a gesture.


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