Friday, September 07, 2007

KMediaFactory for KDE4

KDE4 version of KMediaFactory is in pretty good shape. I have had lots of incompatibility problems with ImageMagick and ffmpeg in KDE3 version. ImageMagick is not needed anymore (Qt4 replaced it) and I'm only using ffmpeg binary, so I hope those problems don't haunt me anymore (famous last words...). Otherwise it's just a port from KDE3 version. KISS was the main principle when I started this project and I like to keep it that way.


Blogger Gerd said...

Great news.
The simplicity of KMediaFactory is exactly the reason, why I love this program. Just a hand full of clicks and you have a really nice-looking DVD.

The only thing I'm missing is a way to alter the templates more easily. So if you're under-worked... ;-)

Blogger Tristin said...

About the widget under "Add Media" that the icons are positioned on...could you pester the Oxygen theme designers to get rid of 3d shadowed bevels like that one? Overall, the gui looks very nice, but the bevel screams "yesterday".

Blogger Alan said...

Thanks for continuing work on this fine product. I'd been bitten by some of the ImageMagick issues with the prior version, so I'm looking forward to the KDE4 version.

I hope we can convince you to keep maintaining this version once KDE4 hits the streets. It's a very useful package, and we'd hate to see it wither and die.

Blogger awainzin said...

Hey, I tried latest svn and noticed all functionality except basic configuration isn't working, and I noticed on changelog for 0.6 that you disabled things. I'm a big fan of this program for KDE 3, and I'd be willing to try to help on KDE 4 version if I can.

Blogger Petri said...

Seems that KMediaFactory does not find any plugins. I must be installed to same directory where KDE4 is.


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