Thursday, September 20, 2007

Learning Plasma part II: Widgets

I needed some kind of meter widget. It was good time to learn something about Plasma widgets. SVG widget was born that can act as a meter (analog/bar). Well just watch the video and you know what I'm trying to tell.


Blogger Christopher said...

That looks great. What would be a great addition would be to allow "zones" on the round meter. For instance, if you were using it as a temperature gage you could have bands that went around the gage with green, yellow, and red to indicate warnings for high temps.

Blogger D. said...

I would also love to see it being animated. Imagine it slowly and smoothly going up and down, the thermometer could change colors and make bubbles...

I really like it though. It's very easy and pretty. I'm already using it in my darkstat applet. Just have to find out how to tell the layout to keep its aspect ratio.


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