Thursday, December 13, 2007

Math Book

Since I do not do math every day I usually have check equations from some math book/net. SpeedCrunch has several dock widgets and I thought that some kind of math book widget would be nice. After mockup got positive feedback I wrote something to start with. Since writing simple browser with QTextBrowser is an easy job, that did not take long. When talking to Helder Correia he noted that this could be a more general book widget that could also show help etc. I think the result look promising especially considering how little time it took to make it :-)


Blogger bluestorm said...

I don't know if it's easy, but using a real π (the greek letter) instead of "pi" would be nicer.

Blogger Alan said...

I'd encourage you to change the title from Book to something else, because Book is more a description of what it is rather than the task it is helping accomplish such as Help or Reference.

Looks a lot like one of those context help sidebars. Interesting to see a calculator with so much going on but this "complexity" should make life simpler for the user if anything.

With even more features Speedcrunch might eventually snowball into Matlab/Mathematica/Octave!!! Okay probably not :P


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