Friday, February 19, 2010

N900 + Digikam

One thing N900 has been good for is logging gps coordinates for photos. I'm using eCoach to log gps data. Although "eCoach is an application for recording and managing sport activities with Nokia N900" it works nicely for recording gpx file for photos too. Initially Digikam didn't read the gpx file eCoach produced but it's now fixed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unit conversion

Some progress in KUnitConversion library, converter runner and applet.
  • In runner add case insensitive matches to first unit too.
  • Fixed €, ¥, and £ symbols.
  • Add frequency, angle, force and acceleration.
  • Added mmHg to pressure (BUG 217601).
  • Converter applet now sorts combo boxes (BUG 198115).
  • In KDE 4.4 if user does not give unit default unit is used. Now there is mostCommonUnits() function in library and it is used in runner to provide more default conversions (BUG 204292).
  • Show unit symbols in runner results.