Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unit conversion

Some progress in KUnitConversion library, converter runner and applet.
  • In runner add case insensitive matches to first unit too.
  • Fixed €, ¥, and £ symbols.
  • Add frequency, angle, force and acceleration.
  • Added mmHg to pressure (BUG 217601).
  • Converter applet now sorts combo boxes (BUG 198115).
  • In KDE 4.4 if user does not give unit default unit is used. Now there is mostCommonUnits() function in library and it is used in runner to provide more default conversions (BUG 204292).
  • Show unit symbols in runner results.


Blogger Daniele said...

hi petri...I would like to suggest you for new conversion VERSAVERTER's a converter for windows,I don't know if it is freeware or open, in any case the conversions table is in a txt file... I think It's the most complete conversion software I've ever found,so maybe you could find some suggestions for your converter library... thank you very much for your work in this great piece of software that KDE is!:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good software but it's useless to know that "3.14€" is... "3.14 euros (EUR)".

(@Daniele : VERSAVERTER is a proprietary, made with Flash, and it's works on Linux (with Adobe Air... :( ))

Blogger Damu said...

It now removes unit to be converted from the converted list. It also remembers last successful user specified unit and adds that to list.

Blogger André said...

Can't try from here, but does it work if you write it the other way around, like €3.14? In many countries, that would be more natural than 3.14€.

Blogger Damu said...

Yes, €3 works too.

Blogger Daniele said...

I didn't know they made a new version with air...the old one was an exe for windows enviroment...Anyway if thay had to make a cross-platform,I prefered thay made it with a gorgeous framework,as Qt.. ;)


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